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Tips to Find the Right Golf Grip Size and Why It Matters

Playing in the rain. Holding your golf club. Your swing.

These are all things that can be improved when you are using the right golf grip size. It's weird to think that such a small feature can make a big difference in your game but it's all about what goes into the grips themselves.

The material, size, and other factors can make a difference in your swing. Read on to learn how to find the right grip for you and why it matters:

Different Grips

In today's day and age, there are many different kinds of golf grips. And depending on a number of different factors you could wind up with any one of them. Each of these materials can also come with their own kind of textures as well. This is also why it's essential to get properly fitted for your clubs.

The following are the different materials that these grips come in.


Rubber is a good grip if you are on a budget. As it is one of the cheapest options out there. However, certain rubber grips are harder to hold onto than others.


A cord grip can withstand lots of wear and are good for playing in the rain. They are easy to hold onto but can be a bit rough on your hands.


If your hands are sensitive then synthetic is a good material to go with. But beware, since it is softer on the hands it can be more easily worn down.


This material is also not as easily worn down and is good for grip. The downside is that the leather is more expensive than the other grips.

Measure Your Own Golf Grip Size

The golf grip size can depend on the diameter and length of the grips. Since golfers have different sized hands the size of the recommended grips will be different. If you don't know which grip to start with there is often a standard option that most people will use.

If you have very large hands and wear an extra large glove you may want to go with jumbo golf grips. You also have the option of using midsize golf grips if the jumbo size seems too big.

If your glove size is a large or a women's medium then you'll want to go with a standard golf grip. This is the golf grip size most will use.

If your glove size is smaller than the standard golf grip sizes then you can use an undersized grip. For your specific size grips, it is recommended your fingers come a little short from your palm.

Other Factors

There are other factors that will play into what golf grip size you should be purchasing. The most important one is personal preference. If you have been using a different size grip all of your life and it feels better than your recommended size then don't switch.

The point of having the right golf grip size is to improve your game. If switching is going to make you uncomfortable then you're better off with the one you have.

Other health factors may cause you to get a different size as well. Golfers with arthritis or other joint problems may benefit from having thick golf grips.

Why It Matters

Having the right golf grip size can mean a big difference in how you play the game. The difference in playing with the correct grip size can mean better scores.

The right size will also help you hold your clubs better. If you find yourself struggling to get a good grip then finding the right size, material and texture can change that for you.

Finally, have the correct size can even mean changes in muscle. If you're able to hold your clubs correctly and without much effort, it will mean less strain on your muscles during your swing.

More Tips for Your Grip

Getting the right golf grips for your clubs is just one of the small improvement that you can make to change your game. But that's not the end of it!

Focusing on the small details of the game will also yield a big difference. And golf grip size isn't the end of it. For more tips on how to improve your grip check out this blog post from our golf course management company, Hampton Golf.

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