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4 Bad Habits Everyone Needs to Get Rid of In Their Golf Game

It happened in an instant and left you stunned! Your supervisor noticed a mini golf game on your desk and before you knew it, you agreed to meet him at the local golf course for a round next weekend.

This would be a great opportunity to get on your boss's good side and get the upper hand on that promotion you wanted... except you are not an exceptional golf player.

Don't feel dejected! Of the 24 million Americans that play golf each year, many of them are not savants.

How do you avoid embarrassing yourself during the golf game with your boss?

Your two best options are to use concentrated effort and practice until you can eliminate those bad habits and sign up with a golf pro for lessons to help you wipe out bad habits.

If you're not ready to pay for golf lessons, then practice is your way to go. We have compiled a list of the 4 most odious bad habits golfers have and how to fix them.

1. Cutting the Slice out of Your Golf Game

Most golf enthusiasts believe that slices can only occur when swinging the clubhead from the outside to the inside of the target line.

Actually, slices can occur with any kind of swing trajectory your club might make. Which is why slices can be so frustrating.

Eliminating the slice is more about correcting the clubhead path and then making minute adjustments in the amount of release in the hands until your slice disappears.

2. Bulletproof Bunker Shots

Tired of excavating a gaping hole in the sand trying to power the golf ball out of a sand trap?

It may sound contradictory to common wisdom, but don't try to hit the ball too hard and too deep!

Instead of wailing on the ball and any surrounding sand with all your might, try for a much shallower and smoother swing.

Aim to graze the very surface of the sand with the club and almost completely release your grip on the handle of the club. This should help you get out of the traps without injuring yourself or looking like a fool.

3. Foolproof Wedge Shot

A common rookie mistake when attempting a wedge shot is trying to over control your wedge shot with your hands.

Don't hit down on the ball or swing at a steep angle. Use your body to widen the wedge swing.

4. Mastering Short Putts

Short putts are treacherous because they appear too easy for the untrained golfer. Yet, they are often missed when push comes to shove.

The key to mastering a short putt is confidence! A mere moment of hesitation can be the destruction of your short putt game.

Focus on maintaining your "Y" position and use your shoulders to accelerate the putter through the ball.

Resist the urge to lift your body in a feeble attempt to will the ball into the hole. That won't help the ball to its' goal and will only serve to make you look like an amateur golfer.

Get on the Green

Now that you are more enlightened on how to strengthen your biggest golf weaknesses, you need to get out on the green and practice.

The most popular golf courses are often booked well in advance and it is hard to get a last minute slot for a game. Our best advice is to look ook for a golf course near you and book a tee time in advance so you can avoid sitting around and waiting for an open slot.

If you have any further questions about advancing your golf game or thinking of signing up for lessons contact us today!

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