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What Is a Caddy Doing for You? 6 Qualities of the Best Caddies

When most people think of caddies, a vision of a 14-year-old kid comes to mind. This kid follows the golfer from one hole to the next simply handing them the clubs the golfer asks for. But, the pros know that they should expect a lot more from their caddies. 

So, what is a caddy? A caddy is someone who carries a golfer's clubs around the course. They also offer the golfer advice, encouragement, and knowledge about the game. 

A golfer's caddy is with him throughout the entire game. A caddy is going to be by their side and needs to know how to behave according to the golfer's personality. However, a caddy isn't just at the mercy of the golfer's wishes. 

A caddy can also act as a coach. They can help the golfer to improve their focus and even offer them suggestions. Even though the golfer may think they're right when they have an excellent caddy they might think twice. 

So, if you're looking for a long-term caddy, then you may be curious to know which qualities to seek out. Read on to discover the best qualities a caddy should have to be successful. 

What is a Caddy? 6 Qualities Great Caddies Have 

Every golfer has their own golf routines and strategies. They may work out on certain days and train on others. They may even prefer a specific golf hat or golf shirt. 

All of these components make up the personality of a golfer. 

Each golfer also has their own way of mentally preparing for a match. They may pray, drink some water, or listen to music to get their head in the game. But, even though golf is considered a single person sport, a caddy can still influence the golfer a great deal. 

And this influence can be negative or positive. Take for example a caddy who consistently fumbles when giving the golfer a club. This is not only clumsy, but it may also annoy the golfer to the point of distracting him from the game. 

But, clumsiness is just one characteristic you'll want to avoid in a caddy. Explore the following traits that you definitely will want your caddy to have so you can seamlessly play a golf match

1. Self-Control

Golf caddies need to be stable and exert self-control. Their personalities can vary, but a caddy shouldn't leave the golfer guessing about their mood. 

Self-control means controlling their moods, actions, and words. It means being a steady presence so that the golfer can focus solely on their game. They give the golfer space when needed and regulate their own emotions. 

They always keep their cool and have good sportsmanship. They are respectful to other players and respectful to you as well. 

When a match is lost, they remain positive. They learn from their mistakes and they continue providing the golfer with stability and reassurance. 

2. Knowledgeable 

The best caddies understand the game inside and out. They understand which clubs are needed at any given time. They can also offer the golfer advice about their swing or aim.

Some golfers may be less receptive to advice. However, if you find a truly knowledgable caddy, they are worth trusting. The pros listen to their caddies, and it's a good idea for you to listen as well.

3. A Good Reputation

Caddies need to be highly regarded in your golf community. They need to have a reputation for success and in handling difficult situations. They also need to be known as being respectful and helpful. 

They need to be on time, dressed appropriately, and ready to do their job. 

Ask for referrals when in search of a caddy. When interviewing a caddy, ask for references and how they handled a difficult situation. 

4. A "We" Attitude

A caddy who honors a "we" attitude has a great character. They understand that both the golfer and the caddy are needed to produce great results. They are team players who are willing to listen and to also let the golfer lead as needed. 

They are willing to offer encouragement freely. But, they also understand when the golfer needs to be alone and in the zone.

To get the most out of hiring a caddy, you will also want to cultivate this attitude. Freely express your appreciation and acknowledge them as your equal on the green. This will go a long way in creating a partnership and potentially improving your game.  

5. Trust

You're going to be spending a significant amount of time with your caddy. And, the time you spend with your caddy is highly important to your career since it all takes place on the green. This is why you need to find a trustworthy caddy.

A trustworthy caddy will speak honestly to you. They also will keep things private between you. This allows for space for each of you to do your best without worrying about their intentions or actions.

6. Confidence

Caddies need to have a sense of confidence. Having confidence is much different than being arrogant, however. Being arrogant is more about being right whereas being confident is about knowing when you're wrong. 

They may not always be on their "A" game, but they are quick to admit it.

Being confident is also about knowing what decisions to make quickly. A confident caddy trusts themselves and trusts their decision-making process. 

What is a Caddy Doing for You?

So, what is a caddy? They can be a friend, a mentor, or even a family member. Hopefully, they are also a golf enthusiast and ideally a fellow player. 

Caddies need to know their stuff. They aren't just there to carry around your golf bags. They're also there to offer you support and guidance when things go wrong. 

They also should be people you get along with. A caddy may have all of these qualities, but if their personality doesn't match with yours, then it's likely not a great fit. 

When selecting a caddy, always keep in mind your personal needs and wants as a golfer. Explain to your caddy exactly what is and isn't helpful so they can meet your specific needs. Give them time to learn the routine and how to play the game as a "team."

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